About us

Tsubota Pearl was established in 1952, and is a Tokyo based company producing metal and leather work.

About us


What we produce

Lighters, Cigarette Cases, Cigar Cutters, Business Card Holders, Perfume Roll-On Atomizers, Pill Boxes, Mirrors, Optical Cases, Pens, Money Clips …


ライター、シガレットケース、シガーカッター、名刺入れ(カードケース)、香水入れ (アトマイザー)、ピルボックス、コンパクトミラー、眼鏡ケース、マネークリップ

Our name PEARL

The founder Hiroshi Tsubota chose “PEARL” after the world’s first cultured Pearl was invented in Japan. He envisioned his products spreading throughout world.



Where we produce

Made in Japan

All components are made a specialized workshops in and around the Asakusa area of Tokyo, known as Shitamachi or downtown Tokyo.


Products made outside Japan are strictly selected using Tsubota Pearl’s high standard selection process with our vast accumulated experience.


Tsubota Seisakusho, the former Tsubota Pearl Co., Ltd. was established by the former Chairman, Mr Hiroshi Tsubota, at Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

The “VIOLET” combo cigarette case, made of hand-pressed acrylic, combined with a chrome plated lighter, was developed and elegantly decorated by skilled craftsmen.

To symbolise our originality, we picked up the word “PEARL”, and registered it as our trademark.

The production of aluminium cigarette cases was started. A special clasp called a “DABO” (a part of the latch that prevents damage to the aluminium) was patent-registered. Further research into product development was intensified.

22pc. -W was developed. This aluminium case can contain both regular and king size cigarettes. The patented opening and closing system show our commitment to developing original products. The 22pc. -W was still being produced until recently.

The production of pocket lighters was started.

As the result of our research, the TRIANGLE lighter and MARVEL were developed. Both becoming successful. The C. MARVEL was first introduced as an oil lighter and soon became popular, with a characteristic round outline, it is easy to hold, and has modern patterning and shades. In 1993 it was reintroduced as a revival model.

Tsubota Pearl Seisakusho was transformed into a co-operative company and named Tsubota Pearl Co., Ltd.

Started the production of leather coated cigarette cases.

Started sales of the BOLBO gas lighter. This was Tsubota’s first gas lighter and is still in production today.

Developed the BLACK PEARL oil lighter and MINI GROOVY. The smaller sized MINI GROOVY was developed especially for women. Both have attractive round outlines. The BLACK PEARL was later developed into a gas lighter in 1979.

The leather made cigarette cases SLIDE and EYE-BOX (patented and still in production) were developed. These were leather cigarette cases from which cigarettes could easily be take out. The SLIDE and EYE-BOX were the very first models of a leather cigarette case and are still very popular.

We developed the BEAUTY; a thinner shaped cigarette case made of aluminium that easily slips into a shirt pocket. Using the know-how from cosmetic compact case production, we succeeded in developing the edges of both halves of the case. The sides were higher and curved stopping small tobacco scraps from falling out. This is another one of Tsubota Pearl’s models that demonstrates originality in design, and was used in the movie Basic Instinct (starring Sharon Stone).

Tsubota Pearl started its direct overseas business. Appointed a German Cigarette Company as an agent for imports and distribution of their products. Direct exports of cigarette cases and lighters were also set forward on a full scale.

Productions of brass cases started.

VENUS & COSMOS (still in production)
Tsubota Pearl started doing overseas business on a full scale due to the large demand of brass cases from our European customers. VENUS and COSMOS were the first models which led us to continue and enlarge our brass case productions. Cosmos was used in the movie, Specialist (starring Sylvester Stallone & Sharon Stone).

After some modifications, the BLACK PEARL, was made as a gas lighter.

The SLIM-ONE-COMBI was developed. The PIEZO lighter was improved to be super slim to fit with a cigarette case.

Expanded into the European market, and started to exhibit our products at the Frankfurt Ambiente Fair.

Started the production of metal products not related to smoking. These included products for business use, and cosmetics, such as atomisers, mirrors, etc..

Tsubota Pearl office moved to the current site.

Celebrated our 40th anniversary.

The MARVEL was first introduced successfully as an oil lighter.

Based on extensive research, Tsubota Pearl introduced a new range of products, including the Roll-On perfume dispenser (patented), to great success.

We entered into the manufacture of cigar related accessories, such as: cigar scissors, cutters, cigar lighters, and cigar cases. These are all well accepted by many different countries.

In order to freely develop new smoking accessories, the Tsubota Pearl Laboratory (T.P.L.) was started. The first model, HARDEDGE, is sold at world famous stores like the Conran Shop, Collette, DKNY, Beams, Fred Sigal etc. This brand is designed to satisfy 21st Century’s lifestyles.

Following the HARDEDGE, Tsubota developed the CAPSULE.

A new T.P.L lighter, the BLOCK, was developed.

The CAMERA lighter – original produced between 1948 – 1989 – was reintroduced.

The QUEUE, originally produced in large quantities 30 years ago, is back in production!